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The Unforeseen Consequences Of My Involvement In The Rebekah Barsotti Case

by Travis Mateer I haver a long road ahead of me if I want to understand how the multiple traumas in my life have impacted my ability to form healthy relationships with others, so consider this post a small step … Continue reading

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The Music Festival Scheme Missoula Doesn’t Need, But Gwen Jones Wants + Day Of The Dead Festival Hiatus Misinformation

by Travis Mateer This image is where Scott Osburn, a Dallas Native, wants to put a Missoula version of Lallapalooza next year. Who is this guy and why is he trying to harass this town with his festival plans? Here’s … Continue reading

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Week In Review: October 23-27

by Travis Mateer I knew the sentencing for Charles Covey was coming up because I got a phone call from the County Attorney’s Office earlier this month asking me to participate, which I declined. Why would I go along with … Continue reading

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Bundle Up For The Inaugural Zoom Town Walking Tour This Sunday!

by Travis Mateer *NOTE: WordPress is trying to figure out why my posts sometimes don’t go up as scheduled. While I do have a tendency to prolifically expound on the topics I have passion for investigating, public comments at City … Continue reading

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The Extensive, Yet Incomplete, Collection Of Articles On Sean Stevenson And The Magic Chokehold + Sheriff’s Office Act That Killed Him

by Travis Mateer This collection of nearly 50 articles written over a period of 3 years is incomplete because some very basic questions remain unanswered about the events that led to the death of Sean Stevenson, the man you see … Continue reading

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