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2022: Bring It On!

by Travis Mateer I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the new year and all the opportunities I anticipate a citizen journalist like myself will have with a narcissistic forever Mayor and his cabal of vicious enablers … Continue reading

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Missoula: The Town And The People

by Travis Mateer This is the time of year when people like to make predictions about the future. While engaging in the “what ifs” of prediction-making can be fun, I’m more interested in examining the past for clues to our … Continue reading

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The Battle Over School Board Seats Is Already Garnering Controversy, But Not For Reasons The Montana Human Rights Network Will Appreciate

by Travis Mateer On December 9th, filing for open school board seats began in Missoula, meaning the battle to control the trajectory of public education has just kicked off. This will be a busy election cycle for the Montana Human … Continue reading

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Zoom Chron 15-Talking Poetry with Two Poets (Or Maybe Three)

by Travis Mateer Today’s episode includes a LONG introductory “interview” I did with William Skink, along with 9 poems read aloud, before the re-published interview with local poet Mark Gibbons begins (around the 34 minute mark). Thanks for listening! ¬†

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My Fond Farewell To Bryan Von Rocket Scientist, Julie WGM Merritt, Heather Harp and Jesse Ramos

by Travis Mateer While AMAZING municipal leaders, like Gwen Jones, will still be imposing their vision on this humble valley, a few of our Council Critters will NOT be around in 2022 because their time is up. Gomer Kidston recently … Continue reading

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