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Welcoming Will Sebern To The Missoula Political Establishment Gentrification Dream Team (GDT)

by Travis Mateer I think there are some assumptions behind the arrogant blatancy of Missoula’s political establishment assembling its GDT (Gentrification Dream Team) and the main one is this: citizens don’t have the bandwidth to pay attention. Another assumption is … Continue reading

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The Unbelievable Innocence Of Convicted Serial Pedophile, Jerry Sandusky

by Travis Mateer I listened to a podcast recently that blew my mind. It’s an interview with John Ziegler, an investigative journalist who has essentially proven that the convicted serial pedophile, Jerry Sandusky, is NOT guilty of the crimes he … Continue reading

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The Problem Of Meth And The Problem Of Technocratic Solutions

by Travis Mateer One of the biggest gaps in services that exists in Montana is treatment programs for substance abuse. Whenever I see money floating around, like the quarter million United Way got from the Federal program Project Safe Neighborhoods, … Continue reading

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The Political Battles Brewing For Control Of Zoom Town

by Travis Mateer This week’s episode of Zoom Town, which I will post later this morning, is a continued conversation about the Reserve Street homeless camps and how this issue could impact local elections. Since the filing period for candidates … Continue reading

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The Work At Reserve Street Continues…

by Travis Mateer Last Friday I helped add to the tons of trash recently pulled from the Reserve Street encampments. With the river ready to swell as warmer temperatures hit later this week, the scramble to get as much trash … Continue reading

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