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Interpreting Missoula’s Climate Change Aspirations

by Travis Mateer Missoula’s political braintrust likes to think of our community as a progressive island of blue enlightenment in a sea of ignorant rednecks. Nowhere is this more apparent than the issue of climate change, where Missoula’s political do-gooders … Continue reading

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What Things May Come In Twenty Twenty One

by Travis Mateer As we knock on the door of 2021, I’d like to get a jump on one of the changes I’m going to be implementing, and that’s writing blog posts under my real name. William Skink will represent … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like When People Manipulate The Good Will Of A Community To Benefit Themselves And Their Families, And Neither Should You

by Travis Mateer I was asked recently how I left my job at the Poverello Center. I got what was being asked immediately: is this guy just playing out some personal gripe because he got fired or something? It’s a … Continue reading

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Doctors Talk About The Covid Vaccine

by William Skink I believe more and more people are waking up to the unprecedented power grab happening before our eyes and starting to realize the time to push back is now. One of the best two hours you can … Continue reading

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Swamp Talk In Montana A Dumb Distraction From The Real Threat

by William Skink Republicans don’t have total control of state government in Montana because they don’t have total control over their own party or, I would argue, their own brains. Instead we have the Solutions Caucus and the Hardliners already … Continue reading

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