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Amerika Trifecta, by William Skink

by William Skink Montana’s Festival of the Book is happening this week, and you can check out events here. I always intend to go but never seem to make it. This year I can at least point to my own … Continue reading

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In Missoula’s Race For Mayor, Here Comes The Mud

by William Skink It appears Missoula’s Mayoral contest is getting downright litigious with Engen surrogate Rep. Ellie Hill doing the heavy legal lifting. We’ll get to Rep Hill in a second. First, let’s take a look at the column in … Continue reading

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Democrats And Republicans Playing Chicken With People’s Lives

by William Skink Something has been bothering me about how Montana‚Äôs state budget crisis has developed. There were questions about the accuracy of state revenue estimates in February when a report was released anticipating over 90 million more than predicted … Continue reading

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Tester’s Calculating Flip-Flop on Dreamers

by William Skink Democrat apologists like Don Pogreba want us to think a politician like Jon Tester, up for reelection, has “come around on Dreamers“. That vote against Dreamers in 2010? That was just political calculation: At the time, I … Continue reading

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Flood and Fire

by William Skink Air we don’t wince at breathing, flood waters receding. Victims of the fires don’t feel like they got enough of the national spotlight. They shouldn’t worry. We all move one. Football season has begun. More important things. … Continue reading

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