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Big Sky Blogger Still Ignorant About Homelessness

by William Skink It appears another post is necessary because willful ignorance does not rest. Where to start? A year ago Greg Strandberg was trying to depict the homeless situation in Missoula as unique to the state of Montana, specifically … Continue reading

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Beware The Opportunistic Populism of Politician Wannabe Greg Strandberg #MTPOL

by William Skink When I said posting would be light at RD I didn’t give a reason why, but that didn’t stop the self-appointed ratings analyst of the MT blogosphere, Greg Strandberg, from assuming it’s because there’s nothing to write … Continue reading

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California Democrats Betray Single Payer

by William Skink Posting at RD will be light for the next month or two. That said, there will still be opportunities to point out how duplicitous Democrats are. Health care is getting lots of attention right now because Republicans … Continue reading

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New York Roy’s Orange Jumpsuit Ploy

by William Skink Another special election, another Democrat loss. Apparently no amount of money can get Democrats across the finish line. In Montana the party that lost the special election is really sticking it to Gianforte by, wait for it, … Continue reading

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Worse Than Birthers…

by William Skink Alternative Radio featured Thomas Frank this evening speaking about the America that elected Trump. I appreciate Frank because he understands, historically, how Democrats willfully transformed their party into the hot mess it is today. One of the … Continue reading

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