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A Planet in Peril

by William Skink While people are consumed by this election charade, much more serious things are brewing that will affect our ability to live on this planet. CNN reported over a week ago that the first US nuclear reactor to … Continue reading

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In Defense of Not Voting

by William Skink While I still greatly appreciate the independent blogging of James Conner at Flathead Memo, his condemnation of my choice not to vote gives me another opportunity to defend my decision. The problem starts with how my choice … Continue reading

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Hillary for Prison Open Thread

By William Skink The FBI announced today that its investigation has been reopened after the discovery of new emails on a device from what is being called an unrelated case. Thoughts? 

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Acquitting White People, Stomping Natives and Pandering to Millennials

by William Skink It would be nice to have a representative democracy, just like it would be nice to have some justice within our criminal justice system, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious we have neither. Yesterday the news came down … Continue reading

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Playground Missoula

by William Skink The sharper the focus gets on housing and wages in Missoula, the more Missoula looks like a uniquely terrible place to relocate hundreds of refugees. Will this reality ever be acknowledged by the do-gooders? Doubtful. The latest … Continue reading

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