60 Days, 7,130 Miles, 133,680 Words Later…

by Travis Mateer

While I’m eager to share insights I’ve gained after completing the two loops pictured above, I have to remind myself not everyone shares my eagerness, which leaves me wondering, when it comes to subjects like the Smiley Face Killers, do some of these researchers want to UNDERSTAND what’s happening, or simply PROMOTE it?

One of the most prominent Smiley Face Killer researchers, William Ramsey, has a new book out, and I received it in the mail on the same day he responded dismissively to an email inquiry I sent him. Here it is:

To prove I spent good money on Mr. Ramsey’s research, which includes an appreciative chapter on the help Dr. Phil has given to promoting the idea of Smiley Face Killers, here’s a picture. And the other book? Oh, just one of the books I ordered about Cyril Wecht, the famous pathologist I talked to on the phone while I was in Pittsburgh.

What did I talk to Cyril Wecht about? I talked to him about my magic chokehold theory regarding the suspicious death of Sean Stevenson, and he agreed it’s absurd to expect anyone to believe ONE chokehold could produce bruising ALL OVER the body.

Maybe I’ll get a chance to share my insights on synchronicities after being obnoxious on Twitter with Greg Carlwood from The Higherside Chat. Am I still a little butt-hurt that someone who does similar research into synchronicities wouldn’t talk to me on the phone because I wasn’t paying him enough money on Patreon? Yes, obviously.

I was asked to SPILL IT or WALK ON. So I did.

Do you sense a little frustration? Maybe that’s because I’ve been sitting on an incredible story for 3 years, doing everything I can to bring attention to it, and despite the tremendous work I’ve done, there’s a bizarre lack of interest among those who seem most inclined to appreciate my work.

Now, a Holy War is on, and the last time people were searching this vigorously for CAN I BE DRAFTED we were surging US forces in Iraq.

Google search data shows that “Will I get drafted to war?” has jumped above the Feb. 2022 high when Russia invaded Ukraine and hit the highest level since former President George Bush announced the troop surge in Iraq in early 2007. 

And what is Trump out on the campaign trail saying?

On Saturday, former President Trump told the crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that the US is “closer to World War III than we’ve ever been.”

“I’m telling you, we are closer to World War III,” Trump said, warning that another conflict could use “weaponry the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

Great. While it’s more important than ever to understand what the psychopath class is up to, nothing short-circuits brains like a Holy War. Hopefully my Holy War Song isn’t evidence that my own brain is malfunctioning.

Thanks for reading/listening!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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