Why I Went To Empower Field After United Way In Denver

by Travis Mateer

Normally Sean Stevenson scoffed at wearing a seat belt. Nope, not for him, and his family knew this about him because they would give him shit about it. But when the car accident happened, one I’m still trying to better understand, Sean listened to something that compelled him to do what he wouldn’t normally have done, and it saved his life.

The accident was bad, and because I’m not sure how sensitive the subject might still be, I’m going to leave it at that, for the moment.

Before going to “Empower Field” at Mile High, I visited the building, pictured below, but the person I wanted to talk to doesn’t work there anymore.

I found out AFTER taking this picture that the person I DID end up talking to met Sean at the groundbreaking celebration of this very building. I learned more, but that’s for the book I’m writing.

I spent some time walking around this area and talked to some City/County outreach workers operating a mobile pop-up location. Here are some of the tents in the neighborhood:

I was very busy today, so Lego John Engen and Lego Travis stayed in the car, but if they had accompanied me to lunch they would have had the pleasure of observing two bloggers meet in real life for the first time. Thanks for the food and conversation, Mark!

I’m writing this post sitting in the lobby of the Sheraton and the noise from the group around the bar is obnoxious, but I wonder what it was like last weekend when the furry convention was happening. No, I’m not kidding.

I perused the website a bit and think the language around the art show might give a little indication on some of the possible slippery-sloping this kink could produce (emphasis mine):

All art sold or displayed by dealers must be in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. DenFur does not permit dealers to display any sexually charged merchandise to the public, except within the 18+ Art Show area. Displays in the main Art Show should be “PG” rated – remember, minors are in attendance at our convention. Artists may be asked to move their display area by the Art Show staff at their sole discretion– these requests are non-negotiable.

If this doesn’t make the no-no’s clear, here’s a list that makes VERY clear what is NOT allowed:

Yes, I’m having an interesting time in Denver, and after a few more days, I’ll be continuing the trip south, so stay tuned! And, if you’re feeling generous, Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF), or the donation button at my about page, are waiting to receive that generosity.

Thanks for reading!

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