Does Nick Checota Have A Reason To Be Celebrating?

by Travis Mateer

Before taking this picture of the FREE Top Hat show “brought to you by” Groove Solventless, I heard a rumor, and this rumor aligns with a conspiracy theory I floated to MANY Cannabis dispensaries across America as I drove around and around.

First, the rumor: did Nick Checota purchase a controlling interest in Montana’s biggest Cannabis producer? And is that producer Bloom? If Checota is making a move to control more Cannabis production in Montana, could there be a reason for that?

There already appears to be a Groove/Bloom relationship, which the Bloom website proudly describes here.

If Checota is expanding his production capacity for weed, could the BIG deal with Live Nation, announced this past summer, have anything to do with it? I think it could.

Here’s some of the reporting on this deal from Digital Music News (emphasis mine):

The Live Nation partnership centers on the company’s entertainment operations and promoter activities, while local Montana brick-and-mortar venues, including the Wilma Theater and the Top Hat, remain entirely owned by the Checota family. Additionally, the KettleHouse Amphitheater and ELM — designed, developed, and constructed by the Checotas — will remain under long-term leases with their respective local landowners.

We now have access to world-renowned entertainment resources while maintaining our current management team and all of our more than 300 local staff. The structure of this partnership allows Logjam to retain its culture and continue to operate with the same ethos and spirit that we always have,” adds Ryan Torres, vice president of marketing for Logjam.

I put the emphasis on ACCESS TO RESOURCES because I think it’s going to be much more than musical artists that Checota will get access to. Since Cannabis sales seems to be where Checota is transitioning his business growth, I suspect access to Live Nation venues could include Cannabis sales in those venues, to the exclusion of people bringing in their own, more affordable stashes of weed for the show.

That’s it, that’s my conspiracy theory. Is there merit to my conspiracy theory? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Ok, I’m pretty sure these 26 links comprise most, if not all of, my Checota coverage. I hope THE PULP appreciates what this blogger has done to document this town’s transformation during a period where Missoula’s media landscape has never been worse.

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