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A Stable Prez For A Stable Nation

by William Skink he’s a very stable genius from a very stable clan with stable people helping the stable hidden hand Amerika, a stable nation enjoys its stable home bought with stable wages on borrowed, stable loans a stable media … Continue reading

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What Free Time?

by William Skink I haven’t been posting much due to reading. I’m reading The Memoir of Billy Shears which is in the voice of William shepherd who claims to be the person who replaced Paul McCartney in 1966. The book … Continue reading

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Anything To Do With Money + Anything To Do With Israel = Anti-Semitism

by William Skink Did you know it’s anti-semitic to accurately describe the function of the Israeli lobbying group, AIPAC? That’s what Rep. Ilhan Omar is discovering after her “offensive”, “anti-semitic” tweets describing AIPAC’s interest as being “all about the Benjamins … Continue reading

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Why Does Oregon Need Legislation To Protect Its Citizens From Saudi Arabian Students?

by William Skink I think a lot about accountability, like who experiences it and who doesn’t. Socio-economic status goes along way to either ensuring you are accountable for your actions, or not. Being a foreign national of a power ally … Continue reading

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Taking Down Tulsi Gabbard

by William Skink NBC is doing its part to destroy the credibility of resistance media, but this time the target wasn’t Trump. It wasn’t even a Republican. Nope, the politician who triggered this brazen smear campaign is presidential contender and … Continue reading

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