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A Governor Who Blames Biden For Not Securing Our Southern Border Can’t Secure His Own Counties

by Travis Mateer Montana’s Governor, Greg Gianforte, is acknowledging there’s a drug crisis, and he’s acknowledging it has something to do with cartels on the other end of America’s southern border because that allows him to blame President Biden. The … Continue reading

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A Morning Megaphone Comment Plus Evening City Council Comment Makes For A Busy Monday

by Travis Mateer When I realized yesterday’s date was the year anniversary of Johnny Lee Perry getting himself shot by the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department, I did something I hadn’t done since last August, and that was amplify my voice … Continue reading

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Is There A Rural/Urban Divide When It Comes To Local Law Enforcement In Missoula?

by Travis Mateer While Missoula’s URBAN law enforcement (commonly known as police officers) deal with the non-prosecution difficulties our County Attorney’s Office creates for them on the streets of the CITY, our RURAL law enforcement (commonly known as Sheriff Deputies) … Continue reading

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Watching The Wheels Fall Off In Real Time

by Travis Mateer I book-ended last week by attending two public meetings, Missoula’s City Council marathon meeting on Monday, then Mineral County’s Commissioner meeting on Friday. Some of the highlights? Gwen Jones defines clapping as an “outburst“, and Debra Jackson … Continue reading

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Understanding Mayor Engen’s Final Proclamation Using A Quote From Orwell’s 1984

by Travis Mateer The Orwell quote I saw materialize this week in the Mayor’s proclamation that August 24th will be James K. Caras day goes like this: who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the … Continue reading

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