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A Metaphor For Local Officials Worried About Their “Cash Flow Problem”

by William Skink Back when I worked at the homeless shelter doing outreach, there were two couples who stood out. The first couple lived in a tent at Reserve Street. They did not receive services, like food stamps, despite being … Continue reading

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Homeless Encampments Around Reserve Street Bridge In Missoula Face Possible Relocation: Here Are Some Ideas Where To Go

by William Skink After years of trying to figure out some kind of reason–ANY REASON–to use the land around the Reserve Street bridge, it looks like the Montana Department of Transportation has finally figured out something to do. What that … Continue reading

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A Suggestion To Local BLM Activists: Do Some Research Before Making Demands Of Our Missoula Community

by William Skink At Monday’s City Council meeting BLM activists continued their call to defund the police. This is how the Missoula Current is reporting what happened at the virtual meeting: Calls to defund the Missoula Police Department grew a … Continue reading

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As Missoula Housing Prices Keep Climbing, Big Tech Is Making Big Investments In Affordable Housing

by William Skink The article about housing going up,up,up in Missoula has a new wrinkle with the pandemic, and that’s a focus on whether or not more out-of-state buyers are flooding the market. Wade through all the speculation and at … Continue reading

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Complicating The Narrative Of WHITE MAN detains BLACK TEEN in Missoula

by William Skink On Saturday I listened to an interview with the BLM protestor who was unlawfully detained by a group of people in a downtown Missoula alleyway on June 5th. The interview was a featured part of Saturday’s BLM … Continue reading

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