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What Kind Of Bell Have I Rung Now?

by Travis Mateer Last month I asked the following question in a post titled WTF Is Going On Between The Jurisdictional Sheets Of the Missoula And Mineral County Sheriff Offices? Here’s the portion of the post I’m revisiting in my … Continue reading

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By Trying To Help The Flower Girl I Came To Sympathize With The Hitman

by Travis Mateer REPOSTED with an UPDATE below. On June 29th, at 8:22pm, I called 911 to report something suspicious. If I had been just a tourist on a summertime stroll with my girlfriend in downtown Missoula, the presence of … Continue reading

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Here’s What Ross Douthat Thinks Of Montana In His New York Times Yellowstone Op-Ed

by Travis Mateer I want to thank Ross Douthat for writing about Yellowstone for the New York Times because it validates why I’m targeting this show for narrative retaliation. When you read the op-ed, I think you’ll better understand what’s … Continue reading

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Another PPPP (Public Private Partnership Problem) Featuring Blue Line Development

by Travis Mateer If I was a savvy developer, like Blue Line Development’s Nate Richmond, I would position myself in every possible way to siphon public money from the naive voting public that enables Zoom Town’s public sector regime. In … Continue reading

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A Story From The Street

by Travis Mateer I like to think my bullshit detector is pretty good, having developed this internal assessment mechanism over the seven years I worked at the shelter. Did I hear some crazy shit? Yes, of course. Mental illness is … Continue reading

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