Week In Review: October 23-27

by Travis Mateer

I knew the sentencing for Charles Covey was coming up because I got a phone call from the County Attorney’s Office earlier this month asking me to participate, which I declined. Why would I go along with the scam of criminal justice in this town even if it did seemingly produce something like an appropriate outcome, despite the investigators best efforts to fuck it up?

The Missoulian article reiterates the argument made by the defense during the trial at the beginning of this year, a defense that I think had some merit, though I also think Charles Covey is guilty.

Questions from Covey’s lawyers at trial took aim at what they described as a “shoddy” police investigation. His attorneys also filed a motion to dismiss midway through the trial, which was denied by the judge. Covey’s defense also filed a motion for a new trial a day before the sentencing, court filings show. The judge denied that motion too.

At Friday’s hearing, Covey adamantly contended his conviction was wrong and indicated he might appeal the case.

It’s interesting, I was just thinking about those Public Defenders recently. Maybe I should reach out, see if they want to chat about that shoddy investigator here in Missoula.

Before I get to the links for the week, a song. I hope you enjoy it, because some people are actually living it. If you want to know more, then show up at the XXXXs today at 3pm and I’ll tell you all about it!

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