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On Getting Things Done

by William Skink One of the things I brought to my work at the shelter was an ability to collaborate with people I didn’t necessarily agree with. I set aside my strong opinions to find common ground on which to … Continue reading

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Democrat Establishment Chooses Business As Usual–Will You?

by William Skink Yesterday Tom Perez beat Keith Ellison to lead the DNC further into irrelevancy. For the youngsters still prone to feeling the bern, the message should be loud and clear: fuck off. To anyone that considers themselves part … Continue reading

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Lying Politicians, Fake News and Media Criticism

by William Skink Criticism of the media seems to be coming from everywhere these days. Its power to shape narratives and control minds is coming under fire in ways I have never seen before. Critics come in all shapes and … Continue reading

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Partisans Target Missoula’s Adam Hertz

by William Skink Nathan Kosted is a relatively new voice at the partisan hack blog, Intelligent Discontent. In a recent hit-piece Nathan chose to articulate his discontent with State Rep., Adam Hertz, who didn’t vote on the attempt to blast … Continue reading

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Glacier Hope Homes Strikes Back?

by William Skink Every now and then I check 4&20 Blackbirds just for the heck of it, and I’m glad I did today. A post a wrote back in June of 2015 received some new comments that I find quite … Continue reading

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