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Dexit the Party, Kids

by William Skink Liberals are lashing out over the Brexit vote, which would be amusing if the situation wasn’t so dire. Predictably they are scapegoating the intolerant right for the vote because they can’t see decades of failure from their … Continue reading

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Flight of the Mangled Apricot Hellbeast

by William Skink Posting may be light next week. I will leave you with a little bit of fiction derived from two unrelated stories. I imagined a brief scene featuring a certain presidential candidate on his way to a bizarre … Continue reading

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Poem for Concerned Globalists

Brexit, that was brilliant now the banker wankers bawling and fretting that a Frexit will keep the EU falling the globalists are nervous more killing or more stalling? the propaganda’s failing so more people problem solving and by “solving” you … Continue reading

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by William Skink Wow, Brexit! I must admit I’m a bit shocked Brits voted with their middle finger today to leave the EU. No, that’s not the shocking part. Didn’t British sycophants of unelected banksters have a way to fix … Continue reading

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Woman Released Hours After Judge Gives Her 30 Days

by William Skink I’m confused. I heard on Montana Public Radio that a woman who cursed out a judge would be required to spend 30 days in jail. Multiple news sources reported this. Here is the Missoulian: A Missoula woman … Continue reading

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