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Should A Chaplain Be Begging God To End People’s Lives From The Pulpit Because They Make HIS Life Hard?

by Travis Mateer I posed the question about whether or not a chaplain should be begging God to kill people to my 13 year old over the holiday weekend, but before I get to WHY I posed this crazy sounding … Continue reading

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Can I Write About This Kim Coincidence Without Being Labeled A Racist?

by Travis Mateer That was my first thought after confirming the Asian equivalent of “Smith” is a shared last name between two people pushing BIPOC wilderness programs in Montana. I wrote about Frances Kim and her side-gig getting BIPOC people … Continue reading

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Oblivious Candidate Michael Burks And The Monumental Failure Of Public Protectors And Non-Profit Helpers

by Travis Mateer While the days go by without a positive ID of the body thought to be Rebekah Barsotti, I’m turning my attention to the political arena where former protectors (like Bill Burt) and non-profit helpers (like Lowell Hochhalter) … Continue reading

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Giving That Christian Pastor A Good Kick Before Memorial Day Weekend

by Travis Mateer If you’re a caring liberal member of our Missoula community, but sometimes feel that Christians are terrible threats to the utopia this valley represents for your amazing ideology, I suggest getting some vicarious joy out of this … Continue reading

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Some Curious Not Happenings And Know Nothings In The Rebekah Barsotti Case

by Travis Mateer It’s been over a week since a body was found on the banks of the Clark Fork River, but the State Crime Lab hasn’t released an ID, so as of this writing it is not known whether … Continue reading

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