Is Breaking “Confidential Criminal Justice Information” (CCJI) A Necessary Part Of Breaking Their Narrative Control?

by Travis Mateer

On January 3rd, 2020, two black men supposedly got into a physical altercation inside a homeless shelter in Missoula, Montana. The altercation that led to one man being hospitalized, then removed from life support (without his family being notified), was the result of the alleged assailant choking-out the larger man he had been verbally arguing with before the physical violence ensued.

The story above is bullshit, in my opinion, but it’s the scenario the Stevenson family was given by local authorities after the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office–which is ALSO the coroner’s office–euthanized their family member inside a room at St. Pats hospital. Images from Sean Stevenson’s autopsy COULD show WHY that story appears to be bullshit, but after fighting to get those images, the family was told they are Confidential Criminal Justice Information (CCJI), and sharing it could open them to prosecution.

I’m no lawyer, so would never dream of dispersing anything that might be construed as legal advice, but I don’t think the Missoula County Attorney’s Office would prosecute a violation of CCJI. Why do I say that? Well, I say that because the Chaplain employed by the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office–you know, the guy I wrote a bombshell about on New Year’s Day–is so reckless with information he gleans from his job, that he didn’t think twice about violating CCJI for the Jermain Charlo podcast.

I’m not just flippantly making this claim about Lowell Hochhalter, I’ve seen an email that details the limitation Hochhalter flagrantly disregards when it comes to his role as Chaplain. I also know more than I can publicly share about how Hochhalter got to where he is, and who he has the tendency to protect.

The image above is Missoula County’s previous Sheriff, T.J. McDermott, swearing in the NEW Sheriff, Jeremiah Petersen.

Will McDermott be seeking another elected office for himself? I think the answer is a BIG YES, especially considering McDermott was spotted at a political fundraiser, at a house that just happens to ALSO be the house used to film Yellowstone scenes, like this one:

The power to control narratives is a tremendous power, something those on the disappearing-end of that power understand all too well. Is it all political all the time now? Is there any room left for truth and justice?

I don’t know, ask the Hess-man who wants your yes, man, because CLIMATE CHANGE is the biggest threat and all the County Commissioners seem to agree, Hess is their guy. Right, Juan?

Yes, man, the HESS-MAN is giving local ice cream establishment, Big Dipper, some nice press by choosing them for his Mayoral announcement after they put down a local insurrection, and at their Midtown location, of course, since that’s the part of town the gentrifiers are sharpening their knives over. From the first link (emphasis mine):

As mayor, Hess plans to lead the city’s current efforts toward code and regulatory reform.

“It’s probably the most impactful thing we can do in our community for the next generation,” Hess said. “Our land-use and code reform process is going to have a big impact on the development industry, and also on small businesses. It’s where local government can make investments in infrastructure, and things like that can make it easier for businesses to make a go of it here.”

Hess, who was born into a small business family in South Dakota, announced his campaign at the Big Dipper in the Midtown district. The location was chosen for two reasons, Hess said – to signal his support for small businesses and to showcase the promise of the Midtown area, which is on the verge of change.

Hess isn’t lying, code reform is absolutely going to determine how this valley grows, and code reform has some fascinating entanglement with the homeless problem, something the Deep Diving Monica Perez is keeping her eye on.

Narrative control, and how to break it for the narratives that demand attention, will be something I’ll continue keeping MY eye on, and you can help by making a one-time or reoccurring donation at my about page.

Thanks for reading, and please enjoy this tune as one example of my methods of undermining their control.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to Is Breaking “Confidential Criminal Justice Information” (CCJI) A Necessary Part Of Breaking Their Narrative Control?

  1. Eric says:

    My advice to you is to keep being suspicious 🤨

    I think they will continue to give lip service to dealing with real problems, while putting nothing forward.

  2. Only a policy of degrowth can save us from a police state, devastating economic cpllapse, and extinction. The Green Capitalist / Neoliberal New Urbanist paradigm is what both Hess and Nugent are about. A disruptor is needed in the race, someone motivated to speak truth without concern about losing or about which of these two gets elected as a result of the disruptor’s share of votes.

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