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Is Anyone In The Criminal Justice System Doing Their F*cking Job?

by Travis Mateer Most of the people I write critically about are decent people, like Jacob Coolidge, a municipal judge who used to volunteer for my Homeless Outreach Program many years ago. Back then Coolidge was a grad student and … Continue reading

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When Political Schizophrenics Fight The Culture War In Double-Standard Town

by Travis Mateer I took some footage of Trent Holmgren on Saturday during the market because he was obviously VERY high on drugs, shirtless, and dancing in a provocative manner while families with young kids tried avoiding him. This is … Continue reading

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A Strange Tale Is Emerging About The Days And Months Leading Up To David “Rasta Dave” Winterburn’s Arrest

by Travis Mateer If David Winterburn had been homeless–meaning without any personal property of significant value to take–I’m not sure our criminal justice system would have handled him losing his shit in the same way. Are the charges serious? Yes … Continue reading

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Why Are Two Sheriff Offices Now Failing To Call Me Back Or Acknowledge Any Investigation In The Death Of Joey Thompson?

by Travis Mateer I know the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office is busy, what with people dying in parks and on sidewalks and all, but I’m worried that a County with no investigators is being expected to be the primary jurisdiction … Continue reading

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Director Of Community Planning And Development Tells Missoula Public To Call 911 If Crimes Are Being Committed…Hilarious!

by Travis Mateer If the director of community planning and development, Eran Pehan, wants to explore a different career path someday, I suggest stand-up comedy, because the suggestion that we still have adequate tools to deal with criminal behavior is … Continue reading

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