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Can We Stop Having the Same Homeless Conversation Every Year?

   by William Skink 16 years ago I purchased an ink drawing (pictured above) for ten bucks from a guy by the name of Tommy (not the leprechaun). Tommy used fine-tipped micron pens and sat almost every day on the … Continue reading

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Quick Hits

by William Skink There have been posts I’ve wanted to write for days now but I couldn’t even access this site to write them. A nefarious plot to silence me? Nope, just my fantastic internet provider, Exede, putting my account … Continue reading

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   Archons up above in the treason of the sky supermen dream saturn dreams forgetting how to die their dreams become a net the net becomes a field towers hold it up so the darker forces yield O Alexander Luthor … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Hillary Reads for Non-Cult Members

by William Skink As the Sunday morning talk shows try to drive a final stake through the heart of the Sanders campaign, let’s take a look at some Hillary pieces from across the vast interwebs. Enough with the Hillary Cult: … Continue reading

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