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Governor Bullock’s Plan For The Homeless In Montana: Get Sick And Die

by William Skink Partisan scold Don Pogreba wants you to know that while Montanans are dying, Montana Republican legislators are posting deadly misinformation. It’s important during this pandemic that we identify every possible way one party is making things worse … Continue reading

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On Montana’s Second Home Migration And The Ravages Of Late-Stage Capitalism

by William Skink It wasn’t prescient of me to speculate that possible vectors bringing the pestilence to Montana would be wealthy people with second homes, it’s just common sense. When you pay attention to things and then remember how your … Continue reading

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Maybe Going To South Africa Amidst A Global Pandemic To Push STEM On African Girls Wasn’t Such A Good Idea

by William Skink By March it was clear the Corona virus was fast becoming a global pandemic. WHO officially declared a pandemic on March 11th. If you had a trip planned to South Africa to promote STEM learning to African … Continue reading

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Missoula City Council Writes Letter Asking Landlords To Be Nice To Renters With No Money

by William Skink The first order of business on Friday was getting the kids out of the goddamn house. We went to the Milltown overlook, past the golf course and the shooting range. There is a trail that takes you … Continue reading

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Governor Bullock Orders Shelter In Place Order For Montana Until April 10th, So What Exactly Does That Mean?

by William Skink The shelter in place order issued by Governor Bullock is not in effect yet, so the vehicular travel my parents engaged in to get from their house to my house for their granddaughter’s birthday party is permissable … Continue reading

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