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The Mysterious, Disappearing Mayoral Candidacy Of Former Missoula Sheriff, T.J. McDermott, Solved!

by Travis Mateer I’m confused and, looking back at the tweet, it’s totally my fault. I mixed up the campaign electronic reporting system for the system Missoula County maintains for candidate filing information. That’s on me. Here’s the tweet: Luckily, … Continue reading

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Teaching Skynet To Kill Humans In The Long War For Eurasia

by Travis Mateer While geopolitics isn’t a topic I write much about at this LOCAL blog, every tax-paying American is implicated in the charade playing out in Ukraine, so today I’m going to spend a little time pondering the possibility … Continue reading

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Week In Review: February 20-24

by Travis Mateer There was so much going on this week, it took a bonus Friday post AND a Saturday post to document most of what I wanted to document. Despite this effort, some significant developments weren’t included in the … Continue reading

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The Rabies Cover Story For Getting Drunk And Shooting Your Dog?

by Travis Mateer There is no shimmer or loss of time (unless you’re drinking) when you enter the strange dimension known as Mineral County, so travelers must be weary. Was I weary on February 24th after writing this post? Not … Continue reading

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Friday Bonus Post: The Significance Of February 24th

by Travis Mateer I am choosing today, February 24th, to announce that something dark is stirring in Brickland. Dark, like the actual origins of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, a show that wasted no time talking to kids about the political assassination … Continue reading

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