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Helping David Barsotti Identify What A REAL Veteran Of War Looks Like

by Travis Mateer One of the most enjoyable moments of my recent trip to Kansas City was taking the kids to see the WWI Memorial and the exhibit honoring their great grandpa, John Lewis Barkley. Even more exciting (for a … Continue reading

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Shoving Sidewalk Costs On Homeowners While Rewarding Engen Loyalists With TIF Handouts Gives Daniel Carlino Cover To Keep Going

by Travis Mateer I am simply LOVING the opposition that has formed against the Engen rubber-stampers, led by Daniel Carlino. The latest indication that all is not well in Zoom Town is the battle to defer as much costs for … Continue reading

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Could A Veteran Program Be Taken Advantage Of By A Liar With An Eyepatch?

by Travis Mateer The question posed in the title of this post is about a program run by a non-profit I used to work at, Missoula Aging Services. The Veteran Directed Care program is described at the website like this: … Continue reading

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Because Refugees Won’t Get All Uppity Like Disgruntled Locals

by Travis Mateer The title of this post, in my humble estimation, is an unspoken benefit of replacing local Missoulians with desperate refugees from the places our foreign policy is fucking up. That desperation will equate to gratitude at being … Continue reading

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I Man’d Up With My Wife; David Barsotti Did NOT

by Travis Mateer A trial was held in Mineral County on March 25th and the person on trial, David Barsotti, was ultimately found NOT guilty of the misdemeanor charge he faced for PFA (partner/family assault). I attended most of the … Continue reading

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