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Will Scaling Up Abusive Male Tendencies Get You Thinking Differently About The Pandemic?

by William Skink A little over a week ago the Missoula Current had an article about the pandemic elevating risk of domestic violence. The article caught my attention because of how an individual male abuser was depicted by YWCA staff. … Continue reading

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What Is Going On Between Revive Missoula And Covid Calvinists Like Glenda Bradshaw?

by William Skink To avoid the death of their businesses and livelihoods, desperate business owners without access to corporate capital have formed a coalition called Revive Missoula’s Bars and Restaurants, but I’m doubtful they will find much success. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Whitney Webb Shows A Good German Like Bernhard At Moon Of Alabama What Real Journalistic Courage Looks Like

by William Skink It’s sad to see a blog I once valued transform into a willing whore for Big Pharma, but I don’t know how else to read this post by Bernhard at Moon of Alabama, which ends with this: … Continue reading

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Another Act Of Violence Linked To Missoula’s Poverello Center

by William Skink I probably shouldn’t be writing this post, and definitely not on Thanksgiving day. I should be taking a break and reminding myself what I have to be thankful for, like the fact I live in Montana and … Continue reading

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Are Pushers Of THE GREAT RESET Using The Conference Of Mayors To Transform Urban Centers Into Smart Cities?

by William Skink Years ago a good friend told me about smart cities, and not in the utopian language we are starting to hear more and more of as global sociopaths leverage an exaggerated pandemic to implement their GREAT RESET. … Continue reading

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