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Missoula Leaders Need To Figure Out The Difference Between Needs And Wants

by William Skink In response to a KPAX piece about city leaders looking “for further input on citizen survey”, Lead Based Saint had this to say on the Twitter (commas added): Prioritizing, a basic function of municipal govt, takes a … Continue reading

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Is Missoula Experiencing Drunken Sailor Syndrome?

by William Skink Before launching into another brief tirade on city finances I will admit I am not the financially responsible one in our household. I don’t run wild and put our sustainability at risk, but I am more susceptible … Continue reading

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Waiting For The Final Solution

by William Skink

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Why Jon Tester And His Cheerleaders Are Wrong About The Banking Bill

by William Skink Back in March, Jon Tester defended his vote on the banking bill by claiming he was helping community banks: Senator Jon Tester called a press conference yesterday after the banking de-regulation bill he co-sponsored passed the Senate. … Continue reading

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A Poem For Bloodthirsty Zionists Praying For Genocide To Save Their Apartheid State

by William Skink    corpses fill her smile in New Jerusalem with J-Kush strapped beside her blades of grass get trimmed don’t worry, on public radio he says they shoot at legs no other voices allowed to speak no liberal … Continue reading

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