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A Trip Down Memory Lane As I Say Adios And Good Riddance To “Progressive” Blogger Don Pogreba

by Travis Mateer The decline of Montana Democrats, as reflected in their last electoral slaughter in state-wide races, might lead one to question if this party has hit rock bottom yet. One partisan who spent the last 16 greasing this … Continue reading

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Montana’s Unseen Dementia Crisis

by Travis Mateer This week’s episode of Zoom Town is a solo effort on my part to discuss Montana’s unseen dementia crisis. I use the article I wrote about last week regarding a dementia patient who ended up at Montana’s … Continue reading

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A Community Medical Doctor’s OPINION That It’s Time To Roll Up Your Sleeve And Take A Jab (Any Jab)

Jennifer Shepard is a doctor in Missoula and she thinks it’s time for me to roll up my sleeve and get the COVID jab. Jennifer’s OPINION was promoted by the Missoulian recently in the OPINION section. Let’s take a look … Continue reading

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A Synchro-Mystic Primer For Newbies

by Travis Mateer In a poem I posted yesterday titled It’s On I call myself a Synchro-Mystic. Well, what the heck is a that? Good question. The term was coined back in 2006 by Jake Kotze and essentially takes the … Continue reading

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It’s On

by William Skink I’m a neo-gnostic synchro-mystic spiritual warrior for Christ plotting with Sophia to expose their narrative heist the docu-drama matrix now rapidly descends I’m not your fucking battery or means to immortal ends you got your jab in … Continue reading

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