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Blog Roll Additions

by William Skink YES! magazine has a great interview with UM professor and activist, George Price, which you can read here. His blog, Learning Earthways, has been added to the blog roll. I like this Q/A especially: van Gelder: It … Continue reading

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Have Tactical Nukes Already Being Used?

by William Skink There was an explosion caught on camera in Yemen earlier this year that sparked speculation about whether or not the explosion was the result of a tactical nuke. There is similar speculation about the explosion in Tianjin. … Continue reading

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Missoula Smoke Bowl (note: this post is not about pot)

by William Skink The smoke outside is awful. We are keeping the kids inside as much as possible, even the one who isn’t breathing air yet. But life goes on, and though Mom isn’t a smoker, right now, if she’s … Continue reading

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Democrat Foreign Policy Strategy for 2016: Shhhhhh

by William Skink Democrat strategists like Stephanie Cutter are trying to cast foreign policy as a Republican base issue. Here’s how a Huffington Post piece starts out: There’s a decent chance the 2016 presidential election will be about national security. … Continue reading

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Marching to the Tunes of Different Drummers…

By JC I don’t get the reflexive knee-jerk reaction to articles quoted from Counterpunch. The lede to Skink’s recent post is a piece from Sam Husseini, the communications director for the Institute for Public Accuracy. Husseini’s article received widespread postings, … Continue reading

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