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The Cognitive Dissonance Of Connecting Bush To Obama To Trump

by William Skink What started with Bush after 9/11 continued under Obama and is metastasizing fast under Trump. Yet, thanks to partisan binary thinking, any claim of continuity between these three presidents creates immediate cognitive dissonance. One of the arguments–actually, … Continue reading

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Open Spaces And Unaffordable Housing In Missoula

by William Skink Another request to hit up the taxpayer piggybank is coming from the city of Missoula, this time for the never-ending desire to acquire and maintain more “open space”. If you want to read the cheerleading for this … Continue reading

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Kids Are In Cages And Americans Point Fingers On Facebook

by William Skink Is outrage peaking over the Trump regime’s enforcement of immigration policies? I don’t know, but Facebook is cluttered with pic-click activism as indignant Americans find another reason to detest President Trump. But don’t try to provide context … Continue reading

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Stop The Patriarchy!

by William Skink While most people who heard the recent suicide statistics were probably alarmed and disturbed, for feminists and other social justice warriors who understand that the real problem in the world is men and the patriarchy we represent, … Continue reading

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Give Peace A Chance, Democrats

by William Skink The obsessive need of the anti-Trump resistance to oppose anything Trump does has created a disturbing space for Democrats to assert their hawkishness. This article in Counterpunch today explains why that is so dangerous: If more proof … Continue reading

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