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Week In Review: April 24-28

by Travis Mateer This week’s review begins with the topic garnering national attention for Montana, but it doesn’t end there because some other things HAVE actually happened, like homeless camp clean-ups! While Montana is getting negative attention for legislation dealing … Continue reading

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You Want To Talk About Bloody Hands And Marginalized Populations, Poverello Center?

by Travis Mateer In the scramble to virtue-signal support for Zooey Zephry, my former employer, the Poverello Center, is eagerly joining the fray on social media. I’m glad the Poverello Center decided to chime in, because it allows me to … Continue reading

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National Attention Descends On Montana, But The Synchronicities Are Telling Me A Different Story

by Travis Mateer Two articles, posted back to back at the Rolling Stone, caught my attention in a big way this week, but not for reasons anyone but a few will understand. I’m going to try and change that by … Continue reading

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The Meth Den, Homeless Camp Clean Up Video I Spent $1,200 Dollars To Make Because Someone Needs To Step Up And Get Shit Done!

by Travis Mateer Today I made public comment at the County Commissioners meeting about Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF) and the KICK BUTT action my fund took to address an atrocious meth den behind Missoula College, right on the bank of … Continue reading

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AA#7-The Meth Den Clean-Up That Synchronistically Culminated With A Press Conference On Homeless Camps

by Travis Mateer Date: April 22nd-April 26th, 2023 Time: 8:30am-6pm; 9am-4pm; 10am-2:30pm plus additional house coordinating Location: 1205 East Broadway, behind Missoula College Business contacts: 2 Government/community contacts: 37 Houseless contacts: 5 Last Thursday, when I decided to bite the … Continue reading

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