Nine Months Later, Questions Persist Around The Violent Deaths (Murders?) Of Sean Stevenson And Ben Mousso

by William Skink

TRIGGER WARNING: this post features speculation that will include the name “George Soros”. Please abstain from reading this if the name “George Soros” triggers anti-1st amendment sentiments in your small, little brain. Thank you.

It’s been over 9 months since two men were killed in Missoula.

Sean Stevenson was allegedly strangled in an altercation at the Poverello Center by Johnny Lee Perry. He later died at St. Pats. The Missoula County Attorney’s office claims this lethal act of violence was a case of self-defense.

Around the same time of Stevenson’s death, a young man by the name of Ben Mousso was stabbed in a bathroom and later died. Once again the Missoula County Attorney’s office determined the individual who killed Mousso, Josh Paniagua, acted in self defense and used justifiable force when he stabbed Mousso four times. The case was referred to the state for review, but the results have not been reported yet.

A few days ago someone who went to high school with Sean commented on this RD post. This is his comment:

My name is Mark. I graduated high school with Sean in 1992. Has there been any progress on this case?

The answer to Mark’s question is a big NO. There is no progress on this case because, according to the County Attorney’s office, THERE IS NO CASE.

Missoula has moved on from this unfortunate death of a black man killed at our homeless shelter to more important things, like placating Missoula’s minority population with a qualitative research project called LEARN, which stands for “Listening, Engaging, Action, Reflection Network”.

For anyone interested in contacting someone involved with this project, I suggest contacting Laurellé C. Warner at

Since there is no case to report on, the question becomes WHY is there no case? This is where my speculation comes in.

Last week Newt Gingrich posted a reaction to a Fox interview where he was quickly shut down from discussing Soros. Please note that just because I am referencing this scumbag and linking to his post, that DOES NOT MEAN I endorse anything he represents. In the following quote, the emphasis will be mine:

I have been watching a truly curious phenomenon over the past few days.

It seems there is suddenly a movement in media to silence anyone who speaks out against George Soros—and, specifically, his funding of radical prosecutors seeking to change the criminal justice system by simply ignoring certain crimes.

When I read this response, the bold part jumped out at me. Could there be a connection here?

Gingrich continues:

Soros’s plan to elect these prosecutors has been well documented already—and it has nothing to do with his spiritual or ethnic background. The Los Angeles Timesthe New York TimesPoliticoUSA Todaythe Washington Postthe Wall Street Journalthe Associated PressCBSthe South Florida Sun-Sentinel—even Fox News itself, among others, have all thoroughly reported on it.

There are plenty of specific examples of Soros’s work in action.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot, who campaigned on the promise that he would not prosecute a host of crimes—including thefts—admitted his campaign was largely funded through Soros or his groups. He has been so dismissive of crime and police that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had to send in the Texas State Patrol to police large swaths of Dallas.

Soros gave $333,000 to the Safety and Justice PAC in 2016 to support then-Cook County District Attorney candidate Kim Foxx in Illinois—who is currently presiding over terrible violence and mayhem in Chicago, where murders are twice what they were in 2019.

Soros and his organizations spent $1.7 million to help get Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner elected in 2018. Before being elected, Krasner earned a name for himself by suing the Philadelphia Police Department 75 times. Since he took office, dozens of experienced prosecutors have either been fired or resigned. Criminal prosecutions have plummeted and crime has risen. Philadelphia now has the second-highest murder rate among large cities in the country.

It’s not a conspiracy theory to claim that billionaires with more money than they know what to do with often use their wealth to influence policy. Liberals have no problem with this concept when it’s directed at people like the Koch brothers, who funded the Tea Party.

The power of the prosecutor is a power no community should take lightly. As Missoula prepares to launch another placation plan for our minority population, with token participants and a bullshit study, I am going to try and figure out why it appears some unstable people in our community are getting away with murder.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to Nine Months Later, Questions Persist Around The Violent Deaths (Murders?) Of Sean Stevenson And Ben Mousso

  1. Tim A says:

    Well we put the woman who testified that unconscious women could give consent into the position she should have been disqualified from ever holding, but the grey-haired old New York women in town will still vote for her so…

  2. Sandy says:

    Obviously every death needs a full investigation, but where’s the evidence that the guy at the Pov was not acting in self defense?

    • I haven’t seen any documents related to this case and I don’t need to in order to wonder how, according to witnesses, Perry strangled Stevenson to death in self defense. how do you imagine it’s possible to strangle someone in self defense? were they on the ground? how long was Perry strangling Stevenson for? why didn’t any witnesses intervene? the Poverello was extremely crowded during this time.

      those are just a few questions. and then there’s the Mousso case, and a state review that hasn’t been reported yet. the questions around that case are similar, and to me indicates a possible pattern.

      if it was your deceased family member, wouldn’t you want answers?

      • Sandy says:

        I would absolutely want answers. But the questions you’re asking don’t appear answerable by anyone other than Perry.

  3. Aydanah says:

    So, you say Missoula has moved onto more important things like “placating Missoula’s minority population with a qualitative research project called LEARN, which stands for “Listening, Engaging, Action, Reflection, Network”…WTF??? What have we really LEARNED here, everyone? Missoula County’s Attorney’s Office is turning a blind eye to TWO VIOLENT CRIMES and WHY? Does Missoula not have a STATE ATTORNEY? Is ANYONE in Missoula, besides SKINK, paying attention to the serious CRIMES going on or is EVERYONE more comfortable PRETENDING there’s nothing WRONG??? Sean Stevenson moved to Missoula in hopes of a better life. Little did he know his hopes would be strangled by the hands of another man and his life would come to a tragic end. Johnny Lee Perry ISN’T the ONLY one with ANSWERS. You can only hold the TRUTH down for so long. Sooner or later, it RISES TO THE SURFACE and when it does, I pray everyone involved who tried keeping the TRUTH in the shadows, gets exactly what they deserve. And may I suggest another “qualitative research project” called “W.A.T.C.H. S-D” which stands for “Why.Are.They.Calling.Homicides. SELF-DEFENSE??? Speaking of “WATCH”, are homeless shelters not required to have cameras in their facilities? I would think there would be some type of liability to provide shelter for x amount of people while not being able to WATCH what’s going on for BOTH the guests and employees SAFETY, right???

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