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Out With The Old (Post) And In With The Historic Plaza Upgrade And Footwear Company

by William Skink Change is happening fast and furious in mountain town Missoula, so I thought I’d compile a few notable announcements from just the past 24 hours. Try to keep up. The Old Post announced on Facebook (where all … Continue reading

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Team Gentrify Strikes Back, And It’s Hilarious

by William Skink Fellow Missoulians: If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a good laugh I suggest reading Gwen Jones’ column decrying the meanie mailers sent out by some bad wealthy business owners (as opposed to good wealthy business owners, … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have To Be A Conservative Candidate For Missoula City Council To Be Critical Of Tax Increment Financing

by William Skink After being ignored last week by local media, several people once again stood before City Council Monday night to provide public comment. The Missoulian continues to dutifully omit that this criticism is happening, choosing instead to go … Continue reading

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Missoula’s Winter Shelter Plan Has A Problem…

by William Skink The first problem with Missoula’s winter shelter plan, scheduled to begin November 1st, is that it is scheduled to begin November 1st. As I fishtailed home on a sheet of ice this evening I thought about the … Continue reading

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A Retired Civil Structural Engineer Claims Maclay Bridge Should Be Condemned In Letter To Editor

by William Skink Very welcome news came last week about the South Avenue bridge project finally, FINALLY moving forward. After two decades of community debate, and a final effort at obstructionism enabled by County Commissioner Dave Strohmaier, the County submitted … Continue reading

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