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Presidential Health

by William Skink I had a chance to sample some cable news today, and I have to say I was most impressed with Fox. I don’t know the name of the smarmy guy that runs The Five, but he essentially … Continue reading

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Our Brave New Fact-Free World

by William Skink Are we living in a “post-fact” world? Over at Logicosity, that claim is given attention thanks to an article by Peter Pomerantsev. But there are problems from the opening paragraph that hint at an ideology at work: … Continue reading

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Democratic Moral Cowardice and the Failure of American Hegemony

by William Skink In a guest post at Moogirl by Justin Robbins, titled The Moral Cowardice of Reactionary Politics, we get another heap of moral righteousness from Democrats about America’s obligation to assist refugees. Oddly there is never any discussion … Continue reading

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

by William Skink Is there any hope intelligent progressives will ever be able to wrap their head around foreign policy? Not for Don Pogreba there isn’t, as evidenced by this┬ádepiction of a female politician he doesn’t agree with as breathtakingly … Continue reading

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Irrational Liberal Mayor Proclaims Missoula Ready for Refugees

by William Skink Mayor Engen has proclaimed, in a recent op-ed, that Missoula is ready to welcome refugees. In making his argument, our Mayor’s smug liberal righteousness is on full display. Let’s take a look. The opinion piece opens with … Continue reading

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