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New Urbanism Prophet Richard Florida Realizes Tech-Bros And Hipsters Can’t Remake Urban Spaces All By Themselves

by William Skink Missoula is going to need a crash course in New Urbanism because we are very late to this party, a party that even one of its original boosters, Richard Florida, is trying desperately to re-brand. As I … Continue reading

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Josh Martin May Be Gone, But Is New Urbanism Here To Stay In Missoula?

by William Skink I remain curious about the circumstances that caused Josh Martin to take the Development Director position in Missoula, and then turn it down a month after his hiring had been announced. After my blog post scooped local … Continue reading

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How Methamphetamine May Have Changed American History

by William Skink Before Methamphetamine became an illegal substance, it was considered a miracle drug by some high profile artists, sports icons and politicians, like Truman Capote, Micky Mantle and John F. Kennedy. The main pusher of this drug was … Continue reading

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Three More Missoula City Council Members Call For Compassion For Brandon Bryant, Not Incarceration

by William Skink I want to thank Jesse Ramos, Sandra Vasecka and John Contos for joining Heather Harp in calling for the release of Brandon Bryant from jail. The letter, posted at the Missoula Current (though still nothing about Heather … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Josh Martin Turns Down Director Of Development Services… You’re Welcome, Missoula

by William Skink A reader of this blog tipped me off to some breaking news I haven’t seen reported yet in any local media: Josh Martin is NOT going to be the new Director of Development Services in Missoula, according … Continue reading

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