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Pro War, Pro Privatization–No, I’m Not Talking About Republicans

by William Skink As Trump continues firing and hiring, it would be easy to just focus on the instability of the current administration and the complicity of the GOP. Since it’s an election year, from the perspective of Democrats, it’s … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts On Gun Control After Florida

by William Skink I’ve been wanting to write about the revived effort to enact some measure of gun control after the school shooting in Florida, but it’s clear that any criticism of the noble teenagers who were immediately thrust into … Continue reading

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A Comment On Capitalism From The Commentary Community of Moon of Alabama

by William Skink The blog Moon of Alabama is one of the best blogs I have ever been turned on to (thanks Uncle $cam!) and it’s not just because of the monumental efforts of the host, Bernhard, to keep the … Continue reading

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Another Problem For The Green Party?

by William Skink The Green Party was already in defense mode from last year’s election cycle because Jill Stein is clearly a Kremlin cutout puppet-fingered by Putin. If it’s not obvious anything will be used to denigrate political alternatives in … Continue reading

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My Sensitivity Training Won’t Cost Missoula A Dime

by William Skink I think Tom Bensen and the organization he directs, Arts Missoula, need their own sensitivity training after asking (and then receiving) over $30,000 dollars for a global and cultural affairs director. From the link: Arts Missoula will … Continue reading

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