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If You Are Thinking Of Visiting Big Sky Country, Pete Talbot Has Some Dire Warnings For You

by Travis Mateer As housing prices in Missoula and Bozeman continue to skyrocket, locals who are increasingly priced out of getting into this Zoom-crazed market might be getting desperate. For those desperate people desperately looking for ANY sign that things … Continue reading

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Are Words From The Hand Absorbed Differently Than Words From The Tongue?

by Travis Mateer I had an amazing interview yesterday that I am still buzzed over, but I’m not going to say with who just yet. Instead I’d like to discuss the idea that the invention of the alphabet usurped female … Continue reading

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Nick Checota Gets $1,244,243 in CARES Act Funding, But Can’t Answer Phone For Local Media

by Travis Mateer The Missoula Children’s Theatre was one of the biggest recipients of CARES Act funding. In addition to this lifeline from the American taxpayer, MCT also managed to use their phone line to speak with NBC Montana. The … Continue reading

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If You Think Child Sex Trafficking Doesn’t Touch Missoula, You Are Wrong

by Travis Mateer The latest episode of Union of the Unwanted features Craig Sawman Sayer on the very difficult topic of child sex trafficking. Even though profits for this criminal enterprise are in the billions, good people in good places … Continue reading

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Two Conspiracy Theorists Talk: A Conversation With Mark Tokarski

by Travis Mateer If you’ve been around the Montana blogosphere for awhile, the title of this post might surprise you, since I’ve butted heads with Mark over the years, going so far as to use his deceased brother to make … Continue reading

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