Bundle Up For The Inaugural Zoom Town Walking Tour This Sunday!

by Travis Mateer

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While I do have a tendency to prolifically expound on the topics I have passion for investigating, public comments at City Council in Missoula only affords me 3 minutes, at most, to make my impact. Did I make an impact in my comments to the Committee of the Whole on Wednesday? I think the look on Stacie Anderson’s face after the shot cuts back to her says it all. Hilarious!

I didn’t have the same visual aids when I commented at the County Commissioners on Thursday, but I think they got the point that I’m taking my unique knowledge of Missoula and making something educational AND entertaining!

What kind of things will we do on the tour? We’ll walk by the OLD Poverello Center, on Ryman Street, then we will CROSS the street to make sure I don’t offend the law offices of Reep, Bell and Jasper. Don’t worry, I’ll still be TALKING plenty about them as we walk toward City Hall.

When we stop for hot cocoa, I’ll be giving a special sneak-peek into the changes coming to a set of local businesses. Will Missoula have a place to eat brunch again after the Hob Nob, Shack, and Catalyst all closed? Come to the XXXXs on North Higgins on Sunday at 3pm and find out!

There might be some meandering so I can hit all my marks, like GROOVY Logjam venues, TIF-sniffing art galleries, and the office of the LifeGuard Group. I’m especially excited for the free speech demonstration if I can get my Gomer-phone made up in time.

One thing I will NOT be bringing along is my ukulele. That stays in my studio, though I’m sure for an extra fee I could be convinced to do some performing.

To conclude this Friday post, a song, one that I gave my mom a special warning about. Apparently one of her friends has started reading my posts, so the subject matter of this song may be a bit mortifying for mother, but isn’t laughing better than NOT laughing?

The answer to that question is YES!

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Thanks for reading/listening!

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  1. Don’t overlook the millions of dollars of art hanging in the lobby of the TIF subsidized Stockman Bank bldg.

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