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American Supremacists Lament Loss of Global Leadership

by William Skink A few days ago I got a notice that my first annual subscription to Pro Tools was up and I had to renew. Its only been a year, but May 2016 feels very far away from where … Continue reading

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Twilight of the Cowboy Poet

by William Skink Quist my Gianforte Greg my grumpy hands violence is a language the masses understand though culture wars are staged the medical debt is real but Montana’s aging hippie failed to appeal Quist my Gianforte Bobby sings the … Continue reading

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Montana Special Election Open Thread

by William Skink Tomorrow is the last day to vote in Montana’s Special Election. With time ticking away, and leading in the polls, all Gianforte has to do is not assault a reporter from the Guardian. Montana’s Special Election has … Continue reading

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Some Lives Matter, Some Lives Don’t

by William Skink True equality has never, and will never, exist. There is no level playing field. Some lives matter more than others. That’s just the way it is. Many liberal-leaning people will no doubt recoil at such a brazen … Continue reading

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Central Committee

by William Skink I would like to dedicate this video to the Rob Quist campaigned who texted me on a beautiful Sunday as I am trying to get things done before starting another work week. Please give my regards to … Continue reading

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