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When Cynicism Makes You Lazy and Wrong

by William Skink In my cynicism toward the Bernie Sanders campaign I articulated an assumption that was inaccurate, which Steve W. tried pointing out in a comment, but it got stuck in the spam filter. I just saw the comment … Continue reading

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Obama Goes Full Orwell with UN Speech

by William Skink With the help of Obama’s oratory skills, America has officially gone full Orwell. There is no better, more succinct way to describe what Obama’s speech at the UN signifies: 1984 has arrived. Before getting to Michael Hudson’s … Continue reading

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The Problem of Choosing Symbols Over Substance

by William Skink When Democrats are incapable of substantive action, they go for symbolic gestures. Nearly a decade ago, with the Iraq war raging, municipalities across the nation passed resolutions to “get us out of Iraq”. Missoula wasn’t first in … Continue reading

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The Futility of a Missoula Municipal Ordinance Requiring Background Checks at Gun Shows

by William Skink I didn’t grow up around guns. I have a few memories of my grandpa letting my brother and I fire a few rounds, but that’s about it. My grandpa served in the military, so he was obviously … Continue reading

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Volkswagen Vs. GM

by William Skink Man, the people who thought they bought a clean diesel Volkswagen are pissed. There is so much anger I even heard NPR talking up the possibility that criminal charges will be brought against individuals at Volkswagen. Maybe … Continue reading

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