The Extensive, Yet Incomplete, Collection Of Articles On Sean Stevenson And The Magic Chokehold + Sheriff’s Office Act That Killed Him

by Travis Mateer

This collection of nearly 50 articles written over a period of 3 years is incomplete because some very basic questions remain unanswered about the events that led to the death of Sean Stevenson, the man you see pictured above with Janeane Garofalo.

I’m not going to get into why a man who died homeless in Missoula, Montana, is pictured with a celebrity. I’m sure one of the 48 links has that answer. I’m busy figuring out how to get in touch with a witness to the magic chokehold that killed Sean.

Would you believe he works security for a Montana resort that recently hosted Blake and Gwen?

Well, believe it, because celebrities are all around this strange tale, including ME (minus the bank account and actual influence) and, also, the son of God.

Anyway, here are the articles I’ve written. Please dig in. The implications could be huge. Like, Biblical.

Zoom Chron 16-The First Zoom Town Podcast Episode Reposted With A New Intro (January 4th, 2022)

Man Found Unresponsive After Fight At Poverello Center Passes Away (January 6th, 2020)

Why Is The City Of Missoula Setting Policy For The Poverello Center? (January 8th, 2020)

More Info On The Tragic Death At The Poverello Center (January 12th, 2020)

Johnny Lee Perry Spends Another Night In Jail, Still No Charges Filed For Killing Fellow Resident At The Poverello Center (January 14th, 2020)

Violent Crime Is Not The Same Thing As Criminal Case Filings (with January 29th, 2020)

If Brandon Bryant Had Killed A Homeless Person Instead Of Using Threatening Language Would He Still Be Sitting In Jail? (February 14th, 2020)

Johnny Lee Perry Back In Jail While Brandon Bryant’s Bond Remains Unchanged (February 21st, 2020)

Update On The Killing Of Sean Stevenson At Missoula’s Homeless Shelter (March 4th, 2020)

On Podcasts, Local Media, And The Value Of A Closer Look (May 24th, 2020)

Sorry, Missoula Leaders, But Virtue-Signaling Rhetoric And Symbolic Gestures Won’t Cut It (June 4th, 2020)

Pabst Hides Behind Reasonable Person Standard To Explain Not Prosecuting Budding Psychopath Josh Paniagua (July 6th, 2020)

Nine Months Later, Questions Persist Around The Violent Deaths (Murders?) Of Sean Stevenson And Ben Mousso (September 22nd, 2020)

Gwen Florio’s Virtue Signaling Resignation Does Not Make The Missoulian A Good Newspaper While She Was Editor (October 12th, 2020)

When Staying INSIDE The Homeless Shelter Gets You Killed: The STILL Untold Story Of Sean Stevenson (December 23rd, 2020)

For Montana Race-Obsessed Virtue Signalers, The Name Jefferson Davis Is More Important Than The Name Sean Stevenson (May 26th, 2021)

Why Is The Montana Human Rights Network More Interested In A Broken Window In Kalispell Than The Death Of Sean Stevenson In Missoula? (July 8th, 2021)

Is Johnny Lee Perry Rolling Through The Safe Space Of Victimology, Demographic Aversion And Scare Budgets? (August 16th, 2021)

Johnny Lee Perry, The Homeless Man Allegedly Responsible For The Death Of Sean Stevenson In 2020, ID’d As Shooting Victim Of Missoula County Sheriff’s Department (September 3rd, 2021)

Missoula’s New Crisis Intervention Team Looks To Data, Not Corpses (October 7th, 2021)

Missing In Montana And My Cynicism On The Narrative Framing (November 17th, 2021)

What Is Joshua Paniagua Being Sentenced For? Because He Was Never Charged With Murder, Thanks To County Attorney Kirsten Pabst (December 10th, 2021)

Coroner’s Inquest For Johnny Lee Perry Is Happening This Thursday, What Will We Find Out? (April 27th, 2022)

On The Terrible Article From North Star About The Mysterious Conditions Surrounding The Death Of Johnny Lee Perry (April 28th, 2022)

If I Wanted To Kill Johnny Lee Perry, Here Is How I Would Set Up His State-Sanctioned Execution (April 29th, 2022)

What Can The Missoula Current Ignore This Week? Because Last Week It Was The Coroner’s Inquest Of A Young Black Man Shot Twice In The Back By A Sheriff Deputy (May 2nd, 2022)

What Does My Purchase Of A Black Lives Matter Pin Benefitting The Montana Racial Equity Project Actually Do For Black People In Montana? (May 9th, 2020)

A Meth Arrest That Is Totally Not Retaliation For A Black Man’s Death That Was Totally Not A State-Sanctioned Execution (June 8th, 2022)

After Making The Phone Call That Got Johnny Lee Perry Shot By A Sheriff Deputy, Jackie Maxvill Is In Trouble Again (October 31st, 2022)

Is Breaking “Confidential Criminal Justice Information” (CCJI) A Necessary Part Of Breaking Their Narrative Control? (January 4th, 2023)

Why Are We Getting Point Of Ordered For Making Public Comment? (February 7th, 2023)

A White Man’s Guide To Profiting Off Racism In Missoula And Beyond (While Synchronicities Tell A Different Story) (February 8th, 2023)

Watching Southland Tales On Easter Eve Almost Broke My Mind (April 9th, 2023)

Breaking Narrative Control With Journalist David Fahrenthold In A Room Full Of People Who Know Nothing About Sean Stevenson (April 13th, 2023)

National Attention Descends On Montana, But The Synchronicities Are Telling Me A Different Story (April 28th, 2023)

You Want To Talk About Bloody Hands And Marginalized Populations, Poverello Center? (April 28th, 2023)

This Is How I Juneteenth (June 19th, 2023)

If I’m Not A Part Of Your Homeless Plan Then Your Homeless Plan Is To Control, Not Solve (July 19th, 2023)

Why I Went To Empower Field After United Way In Denver (August 23rd, 2023)

Why Did Sean Stevenson Come To Montana? (September 8th, 2023)

Montana’s Criminal Justice System Is An Embarrassment From Top To Bottom, Like How Evidence Is Handled (September 13th, 2023)

Creating Unsafe Situations For Those Who Lack Appropriate Housing (September 14th, 2023)

Why Was Detective Bob Franke In Sean Stevenson’s Hospital Room Watching Him Die? (September 21st, 2023)

This Is The City Where Sean Stevenson Was Born (September 25th, 2023)

Cyril Wecht, The Famous Pathologist Who Criticized The Warren Commission, Answered My Call Yesterday (September 26ht, 2023)

Some Important Information On How To Avoid Uppity Removal By COPs (October 5th, 2023)

60 Days, 7,130 Miles, 133,680 Words Later… (October 11th, 2023)

Is An Elephant That Died 80 Years Ago More News Worthy Than A Black Man Euthanized By The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office 3 Years Ago? (October 19th, 2023)

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