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The Partisan Threat

by William Skink If partisans can’t leave behind their half-blind attacks on the totally corrupt body politic, then democracy is already dead. And that’s a good thing. There are better ways of doing things then centralizing power and control for … Continue reading

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Feeling Peachy

by William Skink fancy bear, fancy pants strike the crowd with pundit rants fill them full with peachy hope crowd control, they’ll beg for rope help the man no average joe help his mind on where to go help the … Continue reading

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University Of Montana Posts Biggest Undergraduate Decline Of ALL Flagship Universities In Past Decade

by William Skink A new report from the Chronicle of Higher Education highlights the uncomfortable fact that no other flagship University in the entire country has lost more students this decade than the University of Montana in Missoula. Since 2011 … Continue reading

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Trump Derangement Syndrome Now Producing Impeachment Fever

by William Skink Trump Derangement Syndrome has so crippled the thinking of Democrats that they are working themselves up into an impeachment frenzy again over a presidential phone call to Ukraine that an anonymous whistleblower heard about second hand and … Continue reading

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Sheriff McDermott’s LivePD Problem Could Become Missoula County’s Legal Problem

by William Skink When I first heard that Sheriff TJ McDermott was bringing LivePD to Missoula County, I thought to myself, well, that sounds like a terrible idea, so of course everyone will just go along with it. Despite problems … Continue reading

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