This Is The City Where Sean Stevenson Was Born

by Travis Mateer

I woke up this morning in Pittsburgh with this view outside my camper. After an hour to get about 15 miles (because my map-app can’t keep up with my wrong turns) I found the essential coffee to kickstart my day.

Today I’m seeking the expertise of a famous medical examiner who called bullshit on the magic bullet theory, but it’s a long shot. Why? I don’t pretend to understand the forces of narrative control that have been exerted over the past three years, but in order to break something, is it really all that important to understand it?

There it is, the church in Pittsburgh where scenes from the movie Dogma were filmed. Every day Sean’s story gets a little bigger because every day someone new listens to me tell them how the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office euthanized Sean by pulling the plug on his life support BEFORE his family was notified.

Then I tell them how a magic chokehold deployed by a drug addict with spider monkey abilities bruised and battered Sean’s body, leaving marks everywhere. Clearly this is a job for the man who saw the Warren Commission for what it was, right?

The writing continues to pour forth as I explore parts of Sean’s life before the corruption in Missoula killed him and the man set up to take the fall for his death.

Did the Sheriff’s Office assume no one would care about Sean because he was homeless? Or do they understand that the entire legal community are a bunch of fucking punks who can’t function without the scent of money to motivate them?

Well, I don’t think the calculation of taking Sean out and framing Johnny Lee Perry for his death included a wily blogger like me dedicated to exposing everything I can expose in the time I have.

I would write more, but using a phone to write posts is very annoying, and my morning patience was drained by city driving, so that’s all for now.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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