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The Unstated Competition Between YWCA Homeless Families And Refugees In Missoula

by Travis Mateer The harsh reality in Missoula is this: we can’t house everyone, despite continuing to fundraise and build emergency shelters intended to be short-term, transitional spaces for vulnerable populations in need, like families. Last year the YWCA was … Continue reading

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The Violent Offender Hot Potato Pass Along Game We Call Criminal Justice

by Travis Mateer Piece of shit is not a clinical term, but it seems to apply to Doug Skoczek and his recent criminal history in Montana. Before we get to the woman he violently attacked with his fists, leaving clumps … Continue reading

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Zoom Town 9-28

by Travis Mateer This week’s episode looks at election integrity, Missoula’s reemerging rape PR problem (the actual rape problem never went away), Afghan refugees, and lots of other things. Thanks for listening!

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While Stockman Bank Gets Giddy About Its Future, I’m Getting Synchro-Curious About Its Past

by Travis Mateer UPDATE: There are TWO Bill Coffees in this post. I am VERY grateful to Pete Talbot (with his own family pedigree) who provided clarity on my research, which is ongoing and sometimes prone to inaccuracies. For more … Continue reading

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The Big Lie Is That Joe Biden Won The Election

by Travis Mateer Before you assume I’m just a sore loser still angry at the results of the 2020 election you should know I voted for Kanye West for president. This isn’t about getting Trump back into the White House, … Continue reading

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