You Want To Talk About Bloody Hands And Marginalized Populations, Poverello Center?

by Travis Mateer

In the scramble to virtue-signal support for Zooey Zephry, my former employer, the Poverello Center, is eagerly joining the fray on social media.

I’m glad the Poverello Center decided to chime in, because it allows me to remind these non-profit hostages that some of their clients haven’s survived our community’s liberal generosity, like Sean Stevenson and Lee Nelson, two men who are dead because they mistakingly assumed the Poverello Center could manage their volatile clientele.

Here is MY signaling on social media pointing out the EMPTY virtue of a homeless shelter that has produced “leaders” in our community, like Ellie Boldman and her understudy, Eran Pehan.

Another non-profit that appears to be a hostage to Missoula’s elected leaders is Habitat for Humanity. I observed this first-hand in Helena, when Habitat’s Director, former Council person, Heather Harp, testified AGAINST SB 523. But she was NOT the only one from her organization who made comments. Nevin Graves ALSO added his two cents.

Who is Nevin Graves? Two years ago he was a brief candidate for the School Board, but withdrew his nomination after some pretty creepy accusations were made against him. I wrote about those accusations at the time, documenting the claims. Here is part of what I documented:

You can read more at my blog if you have the stomach, but I wouldn’t recommend ruining a perfectly nice Friday with this kind of ickiness.

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Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for the Week in Review on Sunday!

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