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Zoom Town Elections August 31st

by Travis Mateer This week’s episode of Zoom Town is now live after many failed attempts to upload it. Something to do with buffering. Also, I should warn listeners that some strong language is used while expressing of our shared … Continue reading

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Alberton School Board Member Amy Lommen Isn’t Losing Any Sleep Over Taking Choice From Parents For Health Decisions

by Travis Mateer The reason those supporting choice and bodily autonomy must use the courts to protect their rights is pretty simple: the illuminated ones who fervently believe in the efficacy of fabric barriers and the products of Big Pharma … Continue reading

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Do I Have The Right To Say No?

by Travis Mateer On August 27th, in the comment section of this post, I asked Ward 1 candidate J. Kevin Hunt if he supported my right to say no to a vaccine. Since posing that question, candidate Hunt has commented … Continue reading

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Zoom Town Interview With Private Investigator Ed Opperman

by Travis Mateer I am VERY EXCITED to bring you this special edition of Zoom Town: an interview with Ed Opperman, private investigator, radio/podcast host and a spiritual warrior fighting the good fight! Thank you, Ed!

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My River City Roots Festival Saturday

by Travis Mateer What a day, and it’s not even over yet! I began the day with an interview of someone I’ve enjoyed listening to since discovering his work a few years ago while doing some pretty disturbing research into … Continue reading

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