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Another Unfocused Resistance Movement Ready to be Plundered?

by William Skink If the “resistance” can avoid outrage fatigue, there is going to be another problem to figure out: what do they stand for? Moving nearly as fast as the waves of surging anger, the co-opters quickly position themselves … Continue reading

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Too Little, Too Late?

by William Skink While more marches and protests are launched, and social media activity explodes, the first week of Trump’s reign makes one thing clear: Trump is putting his rhetoric into action. The fear and rage manifesting in opposition to … Continue reading

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Two Thousand Seventeen

by William Skink Here is the New Year Poem I wrote a few weeks ago with music and images. Enjoy!

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Missoula’s Gun Ordinance Overturned by AG Office

by William Skink Well, it’s official:  Missoula’s gun ordinance is toast. This was the predictable outcome to a symbolic waste of time that would not have had the intended impact supporters of this municipal move hoped for. I would say … Continue reading

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Herr Trump

by William Skink I have multiple posts I would like to be writing, but I’m in data restriction, so I’m thumbing this on my phone.  Usually when this happens, streaming video is the main thing impacted, but this month I … Continue reading

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