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RD Fan Mail

by William Skink I received an odd piece of mail yesterday, at work. Fan mail it is not. It was typed and arrived with no return address. I also suspect the name is fake, which is funny considering the content. … Continue reading

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Rob Quist Woes and the Democratic Status Quo

music by William Skink While I have never performed a musical set on stage, I have certainly rocked out in my garage and it can be a workout. Will Montana’s special election hinge on how healthy one must be to … Continue reading

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Another Post About Housing in Missoula

by William Skink The housing crunch in Missoula impacts everything from emergency response services to refugee relocation and everything in between. The housing needs are as varied as the demographics involved. Missoula needs more workforce housing, low-income housing, starter homes … Continue reading

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Tap My Wires

by William Skink The political spectacle continues. With leaks and accusations of foreign meddling, it’s hard to keep up. Which leaks are bad? The one that provides evidence of a rogue CIA? Yeah, that one is bad, but not the … Continue reading

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The State of Our Community is Not Good

by William Skink What is the state of our community? Not without challenges, reads the headline of this piece from Missoula Current. Here is how Mayor Engen prioritizes the challenges Missoula is facing: ÔÇťAre we being intentional in the way … Continue reading

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