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I Read Martin “Gomer” Kidston’s Budget Propaganda Piece So You Don’t Have To!

by Travis Mateer I have to say the former spokesperson of the Montana Democratic Party, Gomer Kidston, is ON POINT with his eager framing of the looming tax increases property owners are being told to expect next year. In fact, … Continue reading

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Did Missoula Police Deescalate Private Security Over The Harassment Of A “Homeless” Man Who Wasn’t Actually Homeless?

by Travis Mateer Yesterday I was rollerblading downtown when the heat and my rusty blading skills compelled me to take a break, so that’s what I did, near The Oxford, where Harley was sitting in the shade with his Native … Continue reading

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Which Political Party Is More Worthless When It Comes To Addressing Homelessness In Montana?

by Travis Mateer When it comes to politics, I try to maintain equal disdain for BOTH parties and the games they play with our money and our lives. Recently Montana’s Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, talked some shit regarding Missoula’s approach … Continue reading

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Pretend The Coat Hanger Is A Syringe

by Travis Mateer I am not celebrating, nor am I protesting, the next iteration of national outrage priming the hate pumps for summer. Instead I’m offering the side that feels like it lost something an analogy to help quiet their … Continue reading

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The Caretakers, The Reporter, And The Man Who Wants To Be Sheriff Of Mineral County

by Travis Mateer UPDATE: this post has been edited by the author. I was reminded recently in a conversation with Mineral County Deputy Attorney, Wally Congdon, that people who I don’t know sometimes know me. That’s basically what Wally said … Continue reading

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