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Six Degrees Of Jeffrey Epstein, Missoula Edition, Featuring Submarines, Stickers, And A Crazy Occultist Who Dreamed Of Making A Moon Shot!

by Travis Mateer What the hell do stylized stickers of Andre the Giant have to do with Jeffrey Epstein? I’ll get to that, but first, allow me to establish the NASA/JPL connection to Missoula via our former Councilman, Bryan von … Continue reading

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You Materialist Lovers Of Science Don’t Want To Know What I Think Is Happening

by Travis Mateer I’d like to thank a regular commentator for expressing genuine befuddlement at my opinions on climate change and other areas where I deviate from his progressive orthodoxy. Here is the comment from J. Kevin Hunt that inspired … Continue reading

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Why I’m Supporting The Temporary Measure Of Homeless “Urban Camping” Whack-A-Mole In Public Parks

by Travis Mateer When I hit record on the south side of the California bridge, I didn’t know today was scheduled for Lion’s Park to be cleared out. This area, right next to Youth Homes, is where the “lion’s share” … Continue reading

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Joey Thompson’s Death Certificate Information Has Finally Been Released, Now What?

by Travis Mateer This week the death certificate information regarding the death of Joey Thompson has finally been released. Why did it take nearly 2 months? Possibly because the court process I’ve been calling the HAMMER OF MANDAMUS had a … Continue reading

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Continuing My Public Commenting Campaign On A Busy Wednesday Full Of Committees Before July 4th

by Travis Mateer The picture above is a “leaning bench”, one of two that exist ONLY near the Poverello Center on West Broadway. I wrote about this idiotic response to bad behavior around public bus vestibules when they were first … Continue reading

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