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While Bernie Supporters Capitulate, Margot Kidder Rages

by William Skink With the noise of the Democrat convention receding into the background I would have to say Margot Kidder’s half-ashamed, half-disgusted (she’s American/Canadian) response came closest to the reaction I had as I listened to spectacle on the … Continue reading

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The Struggle to End Willful Ignorance

by William Skink Last night I toasted the departure of one of the many selfless people who work at Missoula’s homeless shelter. During the night’s revelry, I made sure to show them the uphill battle we face to educate ignorant … Continue reading

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Self-Promoter and Wannabe Politician Greg Strandberg Doesn’t Know Squat About Homelessness

by William Skink For years now the tireless refrain from chronic self-promoter, Greg Strandberg, has been to loudly bash anyone/anything that doesn’t make his own life better. Framing every issue in this manner is incredibly selfish and borderline narcissistic. But … Continue reading

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A Dose of Reality from the ‘Greatest Nation on Earth’

by William Skink Democrats are such suckers for a good speech. Give them pretty words from a competent performer, and they go gaga. Apparently Michelle Obama gave one of those kind of speeches last night, and my Facebook is packed … Continue reading

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The Clinton Campaign’s Desperate Trump/Putin Attack

by William Skink Over the weekend what many believed to be true was proven conclusively, thanks to Wikileaks: the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign and select media to squash the Sanders insurgency. Coming out the weekend before the convention … Continue reading

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